Harness Goddess power and
step into your own

Women's Transformation Retreat

The Heroines’ Self-Care Journey
On your life-long path to your greater self, have you wondered how to transform your destiny into reality? What about craving clarity on your life’s purpose?
Discover yourself and your endless potential through the support of sisterhood at this year’s Goddess Retreat. This retreat will guide you along your path.
Long before organized education, ancient cultures shared insightful perspectives of life and love through archetypes, like goddesses and The Fae. 
Tap into your Goddess within through important lessons she teaches. Utilizing the wonders of this ancient intelligence, participants gain clarity and emotional awareness for authentic being. Learn more about your Wild Woman archetype and restore INSERT. She’s often faded, as others fear her expression in you. 
Consider how often you withheld from what you wanted most. Together, we learn to hear her wisdom with a fresh heart.

During this exploratory retreat, adventure-learning is used to enhance the voices of archetypes and goddesses to reveal deep personal wisdom. Develop your individual growth plan with your new consciousness. 
Be delightfully surprised at your profound personal discoveries when you revitalize joy AND learn how to express it in ways that emboldens your path. 
The Goddess Retreat $1235 
Daily workshops guided by Christina Tindle, INSERT. Mythic journeys, live music, Sonder journaling, STARS of Excellence, and hot tub soaking.
Daily breakfast and a grand finale dinner. And most importantly, a heart-expansive-mind-blowing, personal transformation. 
It is time to meet your Authentic Self. 
When: November TBD (Fri, Sat, Sun probably)
Day one TITLE
4p – 7p
Where: Marble, Colorado
(Recommend flights into DEN, ASE, GJT, or EGE)

“To realize one's destiny is a person's only real obligation.”

- The Alchemist


Knowing what we desire in life, listening to our heart, and achieving our Personal Legend is the greatest treasure.

Sometimes Pressures, expectations of others, society, fear of failure, judgement, and internal battles of self-worthiness can diminish motivation to pursue our dreams.

Step into your highest self. Make peace with limiting beliefs and overcome your greatest challenges at the first, exclusive Goddess Retreat in beautiful Redstone, Colorado.

Tap into ancient wisdom of the Goddesses to guide you along your Soul Path

From Gaia's energy to initiate your soul journey to Baba Yaga's self sufficiency to The Cailleach's survival and endurance,

these ancient archetypes teach you to listen to your heart and discover your Personal Legend.


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